Outside the monastery

Five of us waited outside the Râșca Monastery for the priest to come back and pick us up — we were the second carload. We sat on a wall under some trees that had light green, plum-sized fruits that stained your hands yellow when you cracked them open for the nuts inside.

Two children from the nearby village came by and answered questions about their families. They each had at least five siblings, and it was clear they didn’t have much money. They climbed the walls and the trees, and showed off their ability to chase and kick each other. The young girl, with hair cut short under a baseball cap, had been eating so many of the nuts, her hands were stained black.

Communist Daughter – Not The Kid

I asked one of the students what kind of nuts the trees had. “Just…nuts. There are walnuts, and macadamia nuts, and then there are just regular nuts, no?” She’s not wrong, but I still don’t know what kind of nuts I was eating.

  1. They are eating walnuts, fresh ones… and the yellow black stuff is iodine darling !

    • Yeah, Oana set me straight — and she had also mentioned that they had lots of iodine, but I didn’t know that was what made your hands change color. Thanks!

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