Cowboy music

I was listening to my iPod while doing the dishes one afternoon, and Andrei came to help me. I gave him one of my earbuds and we stood next to each other at the sink, listening to the iPod shuffle through my music.

Ray Charles came on, and and I gave my end of the earbuds to Lucian. They both bobbed their heads to the music.

“Aaaah, cowboy music!” Lucian said.

“Whaaaat?” I said. “No, no, Ray Charles! He wasn’t a cowboy. You know Kanye West, right?” They nodded. “Kanye used this song.”

Kanye the cowboy.

Ray Charles – I’ve Got A Woman

I asked Andrei to write down some Romanian music I should listen to. It wasn’t quite my cup of tea, so I got a second list just now from my friend Brîndușa. She hasn’t listened to much Romanian music in a while, but she gave me a few artists she thought were decent. She and a couple from Munich who do social work with Roma families in Germany also pointed me to some popular Gypsy band music.

Urma – Buy Me With A Coffee


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