I think what Vlad really needed was a good psychotherapist

The story of the “real” Dracula is actually somewhat horrifying. Vlad (“The Impaler”) Țepeș was also known as Vlad Dracula. Dracul means “The Dragon,” which was the name of Vlad’s father; Dracula means “Son of The Dragon.”

Fierce Creatures – Satan Is A Vampire

He never drank the blood of his victims, but he did dish out pretty cruel and unusual punishments for his enemies. Fair warning — this gets gross: He drove a spike through his victims, from their anus to their shoulder, so that no vital organs were hit and they were left to die very slowly. (The fact that he was raped in a Turkish prison while young makes this all the more disturbing.) Supposedly, he would eat a feast while watching them die. The bodies on spikes were very graphic warnings to enemies; at one time he lined Mt. Tâmpa with merchants on spikes, and he was also known to go “undercover” into the town to spy on people.

Of course, he was remarkably successful when it came to defending Wallachia (southern Romania) and Transylvania from the Turks, so he is revered as somewhat of a hero in Romania. His picture was even hanging in a place of honor outside the computer/learning lab at a town hall I visited in Banat, complete with his insane ‘stache.


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