Romania’s Hollywood (sign-wise)

Among Brasov’s landmarks is the rather silly Hollywood-esque sign on the top of Mt. Tâmpa. Since you can see the mountain from just about anywhere in the city, you can also see the sign. It’s in all of my pictures, and even with some intentional framing I was able to fit it into a photo from the narrowest street in Europe, Strada Sforii (“Rope Street”).

I went to the top of the mountain one day to enjoy the view — the sign is a lot bigger than you’d think seeing it from street level, because the mountain is so steep.

The sign was built as a sort of reclamation of the mountain. During the 50s, the town’s name was changed to Orasul Stalin,  and Stalin’s name was imprinted on the mountain in the form of replanted trees.

The Radio Dept. – This Time Around

The residents of Brasov have great pride in their clean, tourist-friendly city. Most patio umbrellas said “Probably The Best City In The World,” a rather silly play on Carlsberg beer’s slogan. They, like many cities in Transylvania, were lucky to avoid the socialist concrete homogenization efforts that I had seen so much of in Bucharest and the north.


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