Reign in blood

Slayer – Raining Blood

OK, short anecdote. I was having a beer on an outdoor patio. Two young guys came out of the building adjacent, and they were both carrying amps and various heavy sound equipment. They had shaggy hair, and one was wearing a Slayer T-shirt. I pointed them out to my friend, and commented that a metal band might be playing somewhere in Sighişoara that night.

As we walked through town a couple hours later, we noticed a large group of tourists forming a giant circle in the main square. From within the circle, I could hear loud thuds, a man speaking in Romanian over a microphone and occasional applause from the crowd.

I looked over a shoulder and was absolutely delighted to see the metalheads from earlier. There were no guitars, but they were engaged in a different sort of thrashing:



It mostly consisted of one guy running across the square and swinging his axe directly at the other guy’s shield, the other guy deflecting the blow in the same way every time. And that was about it. I saw them doing it the next night, too.

BOAT – Forever In Armitron

But their faces are so funny!

But their faces are so funny!


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