See you in Sibiu

Sibiu was my last stop in Transylvania. Known as Hermannstadt to Germans, it also happened to be the birthplace of my great-grandmother. (No, I didn’t manage to reconnect with any long-lost cousins.)

The town revolves around three wonderously large cobblestone pedestrian squares, but they had undergone a drastic makeover just a few years ago. During the socialist years, the government was afraid of allowing the people attractive public spaces to gather in, so many town squares (Sibiu included) had been paved over and turned into car zones. Sibiu was the 2007 “European Capital of Culture,” which gave the city a big tourism boost, including the transformation of the square.

Pufferfish – Wrecking Ball

The paving over of towns had been much worse in the north, though. Someone told me that everyone knew Transylvania was next on the list, but the Revolution in 1989 interrupted those plans.


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