Someday I will laugh at this

Someone above did not want me to enjoy a trip to Cisnădioara, a village outside of Sibiu.

On the first attempt, I went to the tourist center where they told me it would cost 350 lei to rent a bike for the day. (I could buy a bike for that price.) I repeated the cost back to her, and she told me that it bicycles cost a lot to maintain. I resisted telling her that wasn’t really the point of bicycles, and instead found a man near the park who rented bikes out of a garage.

Half Man Half Biscuit – See That My Bike’s Kept Clean

The bicycle I got from him was old and rusty with dangerously low tires. Rain looked imminent, and I didn’t think I’d make it all the way to Cisnădioara. I ended up just squeaking around the park and the cemetery for an afternoon, under depressingly cloudy skies.

A reliable source later told me that the bikes at the tourist center only cost 35 lei; the woman had given me the price in the old money, not the New Romanian Lei. I went back the next day, determined, and made it to Cisnădioara without getting lost.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the village because a sudden illness distracted me from sightseeing. I lied on the grass in front of the church for at least two hours, lacking the will to take photos or even stand up, wondering how granola and bread could make me so sick. One of the workers came and indicated that I had to leave; they were closing the gate.

Broken Social Scene – World Sick

I got onto the bike and left what I can only assume is a really lovely village. About four kilometers into the ride I stopped at the corner of a dirt road. There were beautiful mountains in the distance, and a strange and inexplicable dog training park next to me. Men passed by in horse carts, watching me. I leaned over the handlebars, and, with dogs barking at me from from the other side of the fence, I threw up on the side of that lovely Transylvanian country road.

Yup, right about here.

Yup, right about here.

Later that night I was chased by a nasty dog while trying to find an ATM after my bank blocked my account. At least I got one nice picture out of the day.

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  1. jess said:

    oh, my dear. sorry you had a lousy day. hope to read more sun-shiny stories of luminous bike rides through the countryside with dapper german tourist boys soon!

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