Sunny Stanciova

The farm where I was volunteering was in Stanciova, a delightfully tiny village outside Timişoara, near the Serbian border. Stanciova is the home of the Ecotopia Association, of which a few households in the village were a part of it. The members of the association have the goal of creating a model of a sustainable rural community, and they often hosted backpackers and visitors to their community. [If you spreche the deutsch, a German news show did a profile of Stanciova a few years ago.]

On my first day in the village, I was able to attend the grand unveiling of Stanciova’s very first solar panel. It had been installed at another house in the association.

Devendra Banhart – There Was Sun

Teo, my host, referred to the members of Ecotopia as “retired activists,” and it was at this house that I also discovered Carbusters magazine, a publication devoted to promoting more bicycle transportation. Check it out!

The Sugarcubes – Motorcrash

  1. Velma said:

    Hello. Hope you are having fun. We are all missing you!

  2. Fred Teuscher said:

    Very interesting with the link to the German tv program discussing the Ecotopia. Good idea to include the reference. thanks

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