Peaches, peaches, peaches for free

Neil Young – Harvest

September meant harvest, and lots of tomatoes. Under the direction of Teo’s mother, we made tomato juice with hundreds of the most delicious and organically-grown tomatoes from the garden. We also made a red pepper and eggplant spread called zacuscă, preserving it in dozens of jars for the winter. For all this, I got to use a strangely satisfying machine I called the pulverizer that had a hand crank for turning the peppers and tomatoes into a great pulpy mess.

There was a large peach tree on the side of the hill, by the corn, and after succeeding in not tumbling down the hill with my full basket, I peeled and hulled hundreds of the peaches with which we made jam, syrup and even a peach liquor by fermenting a jar of peaches and sugar in the sun.

R.L. Burnside – Peaches

Crayon Fields – All The Pleasures Of The World

  1. Susie said:

    beautiful photos! does zacusca mean appetizer? it does in Russian.

  2. callie said:

    i am SO jealous! my sad attempt at gardening produced exactly one bell pepper. but it was delicious.

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