Silvio’s demise

I usually try to be an undercover vegetarian. That is next to impossible in Romania; declining meat gets you noticed. I broke my vegetarianism once, when a woman who had us over for a village-party dinner offered me soup. (I’d been offered chicken so many times after having admitted that I didn’t eat meat, so I didn’t even bother trying to explain that chicken stock wasn’t vegetarian.)

Guided By Voices – Big Fan Of The Pigpen

Of course, if I hadn’t been skeptical of my actual physical ability to eat meat, I would have had no qualms about the meat raised in Stanciova. Chickens wandered around the outdoor kitchen and through the garden, the roosters announcing their presence at (very) frequent intervals (“cucurigu!”). The pigs next door enjoyed an enormous pen, into which I chucked buckets of food scraps and entire squashes for them to eat. The cow, who had a newborn calf, was taken out to pasture every day.


The Heavy – Set Me Free

Even the young goat next door at Maria and Mihai’s enjoyed some freedom, prancing about the enclosure and causing trouble. He had been named Silvio Berlusconi, and was just as rude of an animal as his namesake. When sorting potatoes one day, Mihai kept chucking potatoes at the goat in irritation — he and young Silvio had not been the best of friends since the day Mihai got trapped in the rabbit cage.

Silvio, your days were numbered.

Silvio, your days were numbered.

Coachwhips – Evil Son

The rabbits were housed in enormous cages, and Mihai needed to use a ladder so he could repair the cage on the top. Silvio came by and kicked away the ladder while Mihai was up top, and because it was very early, before dawn, Mihai was forced to wait in the cage for at least an hour until someone could move the ladder back.

Silver Columns – Way Out

It was thus with great pleasure that Mihai and everyone else were able to enjoy Silvio a week later at Teo’s birthday party — in the form of a meat loaf.

  1. TeoB said:

    Thank you, Amanda for such a nice, understanding article. I was afraid you would call us “meat-eating barbarians” or even worse names 🙂 There’s something strange happening – i used to be a vegetarian (and my first piece of meat after 6 years was a home-grown pig during a terribly cold winter in the mountains) but now, i must confess, i like meat. I think i could never ever actually slaughter a chicken but i have no problem eating animals i … met personally. Such as Silvio. He was delicious indeed 😀

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