The adventures of Bobi and Mr. Cat

The farm also had a diverse cast of characters in terms of non-food animals. Bobi was a loving dog who made Scooby Doo noises when he suffered the terrible misfortune of being chained up and unable to go fight with the neighborhood dogs. (He once stayed out all night, and was driven back to Teo’s house by an old man in the village who lived very close by. Teo learned that he had driven such a short distance because there was a rumor that his car was broken, and he needed to drive by the local gossip’s house to prove his car was fine.)



The Beach Boys  – Pet Sounds

Teo liked to compare all the pets to office personalities. One of the dogs next door, who seemed to have a constantly worried expression, was the senior, workaholic manager. Mr. Cat was the normally productive and skilled young man but who lately had been distracted from his mice-chasing duties by the new young intern.

"Is there a carbon monoxide leak in here?"

"Is there a carbon monoxide leak in here?"

That intern was the new, as-yet-unnamed cat, who had been raised by an indoor-cat mother. Teo’s mom thought the cat was worthless, shooing her from the kitchen and admonishing her in Romanian to go catch mice. Then one day, Teo saw a mouse in the outdoor kitchen and dropped the cat in front of it. And that was the first documented mouse-catching of Intern cat.

tUnE-yArDs – Little Tiger

  1. Alicia said:

    Clearly, this post pleased me a great deal!

  2. TeoB said:

    The longer story of Bobi’s car trip was this: his mistress went to visit friends in the other side of the village. Faithful Bobi followed her but because he had an inappropriate behavior towards the hosts’ dog, he had to wait outside the gate. The mistress got quite tipsy that night (mixing wine with liquors is never a good idea) and when she went back home she completely forgot Bobi was there and did not call him (he was probably visiting some cute girls next door). Next morning poor Bobi was still waiting outside the gate in the wrong side of the village while his mistress was making desperate phone calls to find where he might be. Then the brave neighbor drove there (cca 500 m), invited Bobi into the car and gave him a lift back home. This way the village gossipers could admire both a still functioning car and Bobi waiving his fluffy tail like a star dog he is 🙂

  3. Alexandria said:



  4. Irina said:

    Love the stories, Amanda! How are you?

    I’d like to mention, so that everyone knows, that the intern’s mother is not an indoor cat. Actually, her father is sometimes allowed to enter the house, but not the mother.

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