Va Va Warszawa

I met a lot of Polish travelers in Romania. Most of them were from Krakow, and when I told them I’d be visiting Warsaw, all of them told me I was making a mistake, only half-jokingly. I, however, found Warsaw to be perfectly lovely.

Arnaud Fleurent-Didier – L’Origine Du Monde

Most of the city had been destroyed by the Germans during World War II. The Old Town area, with its beautiful old houses and churches, was burned to the ground.

Royal Bangs – War Bells

Walking around the city, it’s striking to think about how quickly Warsaw must have managed to regenerate. There are lovely parks, tall skyscrapers and renovated old buildings. The Old Town was totally rebuilt with complete attention to historic detail. And while it feels a bit Disney-World-ish in how meticulously perfect it is, it’s still beautiful to explore.

Old Town by day

Old Town by day


Old Town by night

Old Town by night

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  1. Renee Joyce said:

    Wow! What a comparison picture of Warsaw! I think it was worth visiting.

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