Been there, done that

I went to the UK mainly to reconnect, with both friends and some cities. Five years ago I had explored nearly every corner of London to avoid the awful person I lived with there, and I had gone to Edinburgh at that time, too.

Action! – Remember This One

I had already seen the Edinburgh Castle and the museums, so Heather and I just ambled through the city. It looked a lot like how I remembered it: the beautiful stone buildings, hills looking down to the sea, the smell of barley (which smells like Cheerios to most Americans) and the confusing jumble of streets and walkways and bridges layered over one another.

The Dodos – Walking

One thing was different this time, though: It was warm. Well, warm for Scotland. And there was sun, and lots of it, which was even more unusual after the apparently cold and rainy summer they’d had.

Dressy Bessy – Who’d Stop The Rain

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  1. Fred Teuscher said:

    Hi Manda,

    Really enjoy reading your anecdotes. Hope all is well and $$ are holding up!

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