“Do you want another rap?” “Yes, sebo!”

On the long bus ride back down to Kampala, they were playing Ugandan soap operas and Ugandan music videos at a deafening volume. While the soap operas were entertaining enough so long as I wore my earplugs, the music videos were much more enjoyable:

Bonny Mwaitege – Njoo Uombewe [link]

Anastazia Mukabwa & Rose Muhando – Kiatu Kivue [link]

I finally got a chance to see and hear the famous “Museveni’s Rap.” Museveni has been president of Uganda since 1986 and was reelected in the spring, but his campaign posters were still plastered all over Kampala and other towns. I had asked a man sitting next to me on one trip if he had voted for Museveni, and he laughed. “It doesn’t MATTER,” he answered, alluding to alleged election fraud.

So without comment, because I really would like to visit Uganda again, here’s a link to Museveni’s rap. It’s pretty catchy. Yes, sebo!


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